+The Sequel

This was a real conversation I had with someone incredibly close to me.

“This is why I hate romantic comedies.”


“Because in romantic comedies they end up together in the end. If my life right now were a romantic comedy the audience would be rooting for him to show up on a white horse and tell her he was wrong, tell her she’s his soul mate and beg for a second chance.”


“But it’s not. The movie ends with her leaving the city behind, leaving the incredible job behind, leaving the best of friends behind, and starting over. The audience isn’t happy. But the protagonist has to move on. And it’s not weak to need to move on. It’s incredibly strong to fly by the seat of her pants and recognize what she needs in her life in order to move forward. In order to mend her broken heart.”

“The sequel of ‘You and Him’ does not include ‘Him’.”

“You’re right.”

I'm Morgan. I like Mo, but you can call me either.

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