+Relationship Goals


We traded long letters for quick texts,

and “Roses are red” for Netflix in bed.

We traded deep conversations and a lengthy embrace

for hurtful flirtation and “We went to third base”.

We swapped dressing up for a nice show

for drunk nights with guys we don’t know.

We swapped  “May I have this dance”

for “What’s it going to take to get in your pants?”

Now introducing hookup culture.

Where one night stands are the norm,

And relationships..are seemingly torture.

Introducing Generation: Instant Gratification

Where you turn to the internet and boom #TittyNation.

A time when sex is just sex, no strings attached.

They ask how you met, you say I swiped right, we matched

Meet someone in a coffee shop or a bookstore?

Nah that’s what online dating’s for.

We used to strive for “someday”

OMG wait..just got another like on my pic with #bae

g2g bye




*Author’s Note: I ended the poem by derailing myself to showcase that I am not necessarily above hookup culture. And that yes I do have Tinder. 






I'm Morgan. I like Mo, but you can call me either.

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