+15 pieces of advice for my little sister

Hi sister. It’s been awhile. It’s tough when we live six hours apart. Sometimes life gets really busy and we fail to connect. But I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking of you. I’ve been thinking about the fact that you are off gaining some independence and getting a sneak peak into adulthood.

As I’ve been maneuvering (stumbling through) this thing called life, I’ve learned a few things I want to pass on to you so you can ease through tough moments and avoid repeating my mistakes. I do realize you need to make some mistakes on your own to learn and grow, but I hope these little pieces of guidance will help you in some way.

1. Call us. Call mom, call dad, call your brother, call me. Call us when you need help, but also call us when exciting things happen to you.

2. It won’t happen often because people absolutely adore you, but once in a blue moon you’ll come across a person that isn’t your biggest fan or doesn’t see eye-to-eye with decisions you make. Try to keep in mind that what others think of you is really none of your business anyway. Keep showing up in the world as the beautiful, charismatic, friendly girl that you are and the people that are meant to be in your life, will be.

3. Drink water in between shots. Keep it classy some nights and swap the shots of Fireball for one glass of red wine. Your heart and your liver will thank you later.

4. There’s going to be a boy you fall completely head-over-heels in love with (maybe there already is). But never lose sight of who you are on your own. Don’t let relationships define who you are. Keep up with your own passions, do the things YOU love to do. Don’t let your person be your everything. Instead share everything with your person.

5. Know the difference between someone who wants to be with you through thick and thin and someone who wants to be with you when it’s convenient for them.

6. Set just ONE alarm. Pretend the concept of “snooze” doesn’t even exist.

7. Have girls’ nights. Take weekend trips.

8. Sometimes you begin to drift away from people from your past. And that’s okay. You are growing into a new person and maybe people from your past are in the past because you were different then.

9. Adulting is hard. But if I can learn how to do my taxes, change my car headlight, and pay back my loans, you can too. It will take time. Mom and dad are great resources for adult stuff.

10. You are worth more than defining yourself by your outer beauty. Try to remember there are more important things about you than how you look. “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be.”

11. Disconnect from social media every now and then. Stop trying to capture all of your experiences, just live them instead.

12. Give as often as you can. Give what you can. When we first go off into the world on our own, we can sometimes forget that the world does not revolve around us. We’re sometimes selfish. Stay humble, stay gracious.

13. Take chances. Maybe even move away for awhile. Step outside of your comfort zone and go live life on your own. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about yourself when the only person you have to rely on is you.

14. Keep your promises, especially promises to yourself. If you say you are going to do something, do it.

15. This is perhaps the most important piece of advice I can give you – live your life FOR YOU. Don’t hold what others think you should do with your life too highly. Take advice when you need it but don’t look to others to make your decisions for you. Do what YOU love. Be with who YOU love. And be the person YOU are.

I miss you. I love you. Be good.





I'm Morgan. I like Mo, but you can call me either.

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