Silly girl,

This time will not be different, you know.

Insane girl,

Same actions never yield unique results.

Hypocritical girl,

Hardly standing tall in your convictions.

Devious, Impulsive, Hasty girl,

Acting less thinking’s a shaky equation.

Indecisive girl,

One day yes and the next day no.

Obsessive girl,

Irregular thoughts incapable of escaping

Cowardly girl,

Hiding behind masks, truth is mistaken.

Rash, Roudy, Reckless girl,

Not a pool, nor a pond but a lake of regrets.

Jealous girl,

Green monster suffocates confidence.

Unassertive girl,

Used as a pawn, stepped on as a mat.

Weak-willed girl,

Forbidden fruit casts temptation.

Unrecognizable, Distorted, Foreign girl,

Where’d you hide the girl I know?

I'm Morgan. I like Mo, but you can call me either.

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