+One in a Billion, Too Far Fetched?

Yesterday I wrote about my action plan toward higher productivity in my life. I illustrated how I plan to tackle my goals and realized how much time and dedication it will truly take to get there.

Something clicked yesterday. It was strange really. I worked as a strategist in marketing and advertising for the first few years out of college. I loved it but I was always itched by the reoccurring thought that I wanted to be capable of more. I was cynical about my education and sad that I didn’t have more right brain skills in areas like creative writing, design, photography, videography, etc. I felt frustrated with the education system because with all the debt came a single, focused degree. And it felt like it was too late to change the direction I was going in.

I know it’s been said before and is quite cliche, but we should always keep learning. We should keep asking questions. Always be curious. Curiosity killed the cat? Maybe. But cats also have nine lives. There are resources everywhere. Using the lack of a traditional education setting as my excuse to halt my learning is no longer an option. I am so happy that I have my degree, don’t get me wrong, but I plan to self-educate even more. Just because I didn’t go to school to learn the creative skills mentioned above, doesn’t mean I can’t practice them. Plus, so many people end up in a completely different field from what they studied anyway.

I constantly hear about successful, young people who are truly one in a billion and I have silently been placing them on a pedestal that felt completely unreachable. I’m constantly comparing myself to people who have found success, fame, fortune, love and more. But why not me? Why can’t I become a published author? Be known for an innovative idea? Speak at a marketing conference? Find love? Be one in a billion?

The answer? I can. I will not let my adulthood get in the way of my youthful wonder or big dreams. If I don’t know it, and I want to know it, I will learn it. Not even the sky can limit me anymore. I will not allow it.





I'm Morgan. I like Mo, but you can call me either.

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