+Why I Write

Why Do You Write?

Today I was asked, “Why do you write? What do you feel when others read what you write?” I honestly have never really thought about why I write. Why it has become such a hobby of mine. But I’ve put a little thought into it and here’s my response:

I write because I feel – and I feel hard. My heart might as well be lifting the pen when I sit down to write. I write because I believe there are other hearts like mine looking for safe havens – seeking refuge and community. These are the hearts that flutter at the thought of love, happiness and laughter and shatter amidst loss, addiction and depression. I write because I am in the practice of examining my life. Through examining my life I have learned things I believe could help others. I write to invite people into my world and explore ways I can step into the worlds of others.

When people read my poetry I feel a rush of emotions. Often, feeling vulnerable comes first. Sharing my poetry with others means giving them the key to my heart. And you’re not always sure if another person is ready to open that door. But when they do, and you can tell they relate to what they read, no feeling is better than that. It’s acceptance, it’s understanding, it’s beauty.


I'm Morgan. I like Mo, but you can call me either.

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