I am so thankful for your reading eyes and open hearts. 

This site has been through a lot. This blog was originally founded as +The Plus. I had the intention of sharing my experience about the daunting journey toward body love and acceptance. It was my hope that +The Plus would be a place where other body positive individuals could come for conversation and reflection. I hope that my site can still be a place for body positivity – though it has definitely expanded into something more.

+The Plus is now simply called morganraeshelshort.com and it has expanded into a collection of poems, blogs and revelations that don’t always fit into a category. I tend to write about relationships, heartache, faith, body positivity, situational reflection, advice and inspiration, though I really write about whatever is itching my mind or tugging on my heart.

If I can relate to or inspire even one person in any way, I’ll have done more than I ever intended to do with my writing.

Like the photos of me above? Contact Rachel Haines, she’ll make you feel beautiful.

Little Extras About Me:

  • I will never say no to brunch, especially if it includes Mimosas
  • I like to spend my money on experiences over material things
  • I love big cities
  • I was born with hemihypertrophy (Read about what it is, and how it used to win here)
  • I am fueled by coffee until it’s time for wine

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